12th International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference
Portoroz, Slovenia, August 30 - September 1, 2006

Grand hotel Bernardin
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Article List:

Session PL1: Plenary Lecture 1

PL-001: Power Electronics in Renewable Energy Systems Newslides in flash
Frede Blaabjerg, Florin Iov, Remus Teodorescu, Zhe Chen
Aalborg University, Denmark

Session PL2: Plenary Lecture 2

PL-002: Future Motor Drive Technology Issues and Their Evolution Newslides in pdf 2,1MB
Robert D. Lorenz
University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Session PL3: Plenary Lecture 3

PL-003: Future Power Electronics and Motion Electronics-SiC Choppers and Biped Robots
Atsuo Kawamura
Yokohama National University, Japan

Session L1: Semiconductor Devices and Packaging

T1-102: A New Fast and Rugged 100 V Power MOSFET
Ralf Siemieniec (1), Franz Hirler (2), Andreas Schloegl (1), Maximilian Roesch (1), Negar Soufi-Amlashi (1), Jan Ropohl (2), Uli Hiller (2)
(1)Infineon Technologies Austria AG, Austria, (2)Infineon Technologies AG, Germany

T1-401: Optimized Design of Power Semiconductor Devices for DC-AC Royer Converter Topology in Case of CCFL Lighting Applications
Filippo Chimento (1), Salvatore Musumeci (1), Angelo Raciti (1), Salvatore Tomarchio (1), Rosario Scollo (2)
(1)University of Catania, DIEES, Italy, (2)ST Microelectronics Catania, Italy

T1-402: Method for the Analysis of Power MOSFET Losses in a Synchronous Buck Converter
Toni Lopez, Reinhold Elferich
Philips Research, Aachen, Germany

T1-501: Limit Operation Regimes of Selected Power Semiconductor Elements
Ivo Dolezel (1), Pavel Dvorsak (2), Karel Kalcik (3), Viktor Valouch (1)
(1)Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Thermomechanics, Czech Republic, (2)University of West Bohemia, Plzen, Czech Republic, (3)Polovodice a. s., Czech Republic

Session L2A: Application of Power Converters

T2-104: EMI-Filter Interactions in a Buck Converter
Mikko Hankaniemi, Matti Karppanen, Teuvo Suntio
Tampere University of Technology, Institute of Power Electronics, Finland

T2-105: Steady-State Analysis of a Novel Forward-Flyback-Mixed Converter
Yoshito Kusuhara (1), Tamotsu Ninomiya (2), Shin Nakagawa (3)
(1)Kyushu Polytechnic College, Japan, (2)Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan, (3)FIDELIX Co., Japan

T2-109: Fast Magnet Power Supplies for Dynamic Proton Beam Control for Tumor Treatment
Rene Kuenzi, Felix Jenni
Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland

T2-111: Up-to-date, Integrated, Multifunctional Energy Converters of Welding Technologies
Miklos Horvath, Jozsef Borka
CA&RI, HAS, Hungary

T2-112: A General Method for Two-Level Bridge Type DC/DC Converter to Three-Level DC/DC Converter
Junming Zhang, Zhaoming Qian, Lei Miao, Xinke Wu, Chen Zhao
Zhejiang University, China

Session L2B: Power Converters I

T2-114: A Novel Multiphase Multi-Interleaving Buck Converters for Future Microprocessors
Dodi Garinto
Indonesia Power Electronics Center, Indonesia

T2-117: Analyses of the DC-Link Current in Discontinuous Modulated Three-Phase Inverters
Folker Renken
Siemens VDO Automotive AG, Germany

T2-123: Wide Input Voltage Isolated DC-DC Converter with Interleaving Control
Wei Lu, Xinke Wu, Zhengyu Lu, Zhaoming Qian
Zhejiang University, China

T2-411: Dynamic Thermal Simulation of Power Devices Operating with PWM Signals in a Three-Phase Inverter Drive System
Zhongfu Zhou, Salah Khanniche, Nebojsa Jankovic, Stephen Batcup, Petar Igic
University of Wales Swansea, United Kingdom

Session L2C: DC-DC Conversion & PWM

T2-113: Multi-phase Converter for Wide Range of Input Voltages with Integrated Filter Inductor
Michael Stadler, Johannes Pforr
University of Applied Sciences Ingolstadt, Germany

T2-124: Voltage Ripple Cancellation in Buck Converter based on Hybrid Structured Connection
Aljaz Kapun, Miro Milanovic, Joze Korelic
University of Maribor, FERI, Slovenia

T2-129: DC-to-DC Solar Converter with Controlled Active Clamping System
Karl H. Edelmoser (1), Felix A. Himmelstoss (2)
(1)Technical University of Vienna, Austria, (2)University of Applied Science Vienna, Austria

Session L2E: PWM & Soft Switch Techniques

T2-301: Iron Losses under Voltage Excitation by Novel and Classical Frequency Converters
Juan Sagarduy (1), Anthony J. Moses (1), Fatih J Anayi (1), Jon C. Clare (2), Patrick W. Wheeler (2)
(1)Cardiff University, Wolfson Centre for Magnetics, United Kingdom, (2)University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

T2-302: Calculation of the DC-bus Capacitors of the Back-to-Back NPC Converters
Emilio J. Bueno, Santiago Cobreces, Francisco J. Rodriguez, Felipe Espinosa, Marta Alonso, Raul Alcaraz
Alcala University, Madrid, Spain

T2-303: Design of a High Voltage Direct Resonant Converter
David J. Cook (1), Jon C. Clare (1), Patrick W. Wheeler (1), Jan S. Przybyla (2), Robert Richardson (2)
(1)University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, (2)E2V Technologies Ltd., Chelmsford, United Kingdom

T2-304: MV Grid Reactive Power Compensator based on a Four Level NPC Converter
Gaizka Almandoz (1), Gonzalo Abad (1), Izaskun Zamakona (2), Mikel Telleria (3), Mikel Zulaika (3), Francisco Jose Pazos (4)
(1)The University of Mondragon, Spain, (2)Oldar Electronica, Spain, (3)Grupo JEMA S.A. Lasarte-Oria, Spain, (4)Iberdrola Distribucion Electrica, S.A. Madrid, Spain

T2-310: A Selective Harmonic Elimination Approach to DC Link Balancing for a Multilevel Rectifier
Alan Watson, Jon C. Clare, Patrick W. Wheeler
University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

Session L3A: Control of Power Converters I

T3-105: Digital Resistive Current Control for the Parallel Interleaved DC-DC Converters
Hyun Su Bae, Jae Ho Lee, Bo Hyung Cho
Seoul National University, Korea

T3-107: A Novel Three-Phase Software Phase-Locked Loop
William Phipps (1), Richard Duke (1), Michael Harrison (2)
(1)University of Canterbury, New Zealand, (2)Eaton Powerware Ltd., New Zealand

T3-112: Control Issues of a ZCS Inverter
Vincenzo Delli Colli, Roberto Di Stefano, Fabrizio Marignetti, Maurizio Scarano
University of Cassino, Italy

T3-114: Digital Variable Frequency Control for Zero Voltage Switching and Interleaving of Synchronous Buck Converters
Pal Andreassen, Giuseppe Guidi, Tore Undeland
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Session L3B: Control of Power Converters II

T3-115: Voltage Balance Control for a Multilevel Interface for Renewable Energy Systems
Edward Christopher, Mark Sumner
University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

T3-118: ZCS Predictive Controllers for High Frequency AC-Link Resonant Converter
Maurizio Catucci, Jon C. Clare, Patrick W. Wheeler
University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

T3-119: Modeling and Control of a Power Electronic Cascade for the Multi DC Bus Supply of a Seven-Level NPC Voltage Source Inverter
Abdelaziz Talha (1), El-Madjid Berkouk (2), Bruno Francois (3), Mohamed Seghir Boucherit (2)
(1)University of Sciences and Technology Houari, Algeria, (2)Polytechnic National School of Algiers, Algeria, (3)Ecole Centrale de Lille, France

T3-124: Comparisons of Three Control Schemes for Adaptive Voltage Position (AVP) Droop for VRMs Applications
Martin Lee (1), Dan Chen (1), Chih-Wen Liu (1), Kevin Huang (2), Eddie Tseng (2), Ben Tai (2)
(1)National Taiwan University, Taiwan, (2)RichTek Technology Corp., Hsinchu, Taiwan

T3-126: Fast Current Control of Three-Phase PWM Converter for Rectangular-Waveform Distribution System
Hitomi Matsue, Takaharu Takeshita
Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan

Session L3C: Hybrid & Multilevel Converters

T3-127: Flux Balance Assurance in Output Transformers of Sine-Wave Inverters using DC Autonulling Control Principle
Henrik Lavric, Rastko Fiser
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Slovenia

T3-201: Space Vector PWM for a Five-Phase VSI Supplying Two Five-Phase Series-Connected Machines
Atif Iqbal, Emil Levi
Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom

T3-203: Simple Control Algorithm to Balance the DC-Link Voltage in Multilevel Four-Leg Four-Wire Diode Clamped Converters
Jose I. Leon (1), Giuseppe Guidi (2), Leopoldo G. Franquelo (1), Tore Undeland (2), Sergio Vazquez (1)
(1)University of Seville, Spain, (2)Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

T3-206: Multicarrier PWM with DC-Link Ripple Feedforward for Multilevel Inverters
Samir Kouro, Mauricio Angulo, Jose Rodriguez, Jorge Pontt
Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile

T3-213: Synchronous Control of Cascaded Three-Level Inverters
Valentin Oleschuk (1), Francesco Profumo (2), Alberto Tenconi (2), Alexandar Stankovic (3)
(1)Academy of Sciences, Power Engineering Institute, Moldova, (2)Politecnico di Torino, Italy, (3)Northeastern University Boston, USA

Session L3D: Non-Linear Control Algorithm

T3-214: FPGA based Discrete Event Current Control Strategy for a Three Phase Inverter
Ales Polic, Karel Jezernik
University of Maribor, FERI, Slovenia

T3-301: Predictive Current Control Strategy with Imposed Load Current Spectrum
Patricio Cortes (1), Jose Rodriguez (2), Daniel Quevedo (3), Cesar Silva (1)
(1)Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile, (2)Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria, Chile, (3)University of Newcastle, Callaghan, Australia

T3-401: On-Line Electrical Quality Improvement of a Single Phase Boost Rectifier with Fuzzy Controller and Experimental Designs
Jerome Faucher, Pascal Maussion
LEEI, Toulouse, France

T3-403: Development of an Optimal Fuzzy Controller for Novel Power Architectures in Automotive Applications
Andres A. Nogueiras, Oscar Lopez, Luis J. Alvarez, Alfonso Lago, Jesus Doval, Jorge Marcos, Carlos Martinez-Penalver
University of Vigo, Spain

Session L4A: Measurement and Identification Method in Electrical Machines

T4-110: Induction Motor Sensorless Speed Estimation by Space Vector Angular Fluctuation
Chun Wang (1), Zhongfu Zhou (2), Peter Unsworth (1), Paul Holland (2), Petar Igic (2)
(1)University of Sussex, United Kingdom, (2)University of Wales Swansea, United Kingdom

T4-204: Simultaneous Identification of the Initial Rotor Position and Electrical Parameters of a PMSM for a Haptic Interface
Flavia Khatounian (1), Sandrine Moreau (2), Eric Monmasson (3), Alexandre Janot (4), Francois Louveau (1)
(1)Haption Virtual Touch, Soulge sur Ouette, France, (2)Universite de Poitiers, France, (3)Universite de Cergy, France, (4)Universite de Nantes, France

T4-206: Optimum Control for Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (IPMSM) in Constant Torque and Flux Weakening Range
Michael Meyer, Joachim Boecker
Paderborn University, Germany

T4-301: Optimal Excitation Angles of a High Speed Switched Reluctance Generator by Efficiency Maximization
Jawad Faiz, Reza Fazai
University of Tehran, Iran

Session L4B: Electrical Machines and Actuators

T4-107: Boost Choke Integration into DC Serial Wound Motor
Peter Zajec, Danijel Voncina
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Slovenia

T4-309: Investigation of Losses and Efficiency in Switched Reluctance Motor
Pavol Rafajdus (1), Valeria Hrabovcova (1), Peter Hudak (2)
(1)University of Zilina, Slovakia, (2)Power-One, s.r.o., Slovakia

T4-609: Improvement of a Servo Motor Design Including Optimization and Cost Analysis
Damir Zarko (1), Drago Ban (1), Davor Goricki (2)
(1)University of Zagreb, FER, Croatia, (2)Koncar - Institute for Electrical Engineering Zagreb, Croatia

T4-610: Simplified Evaluation Method of Drive Characteristics for Computer-Aided Design of Claw-Pole Type PM Stepping Motors
Yoshiaki Kano (1), Hiroshi Wakayama (2), Nobuyuki Matsui (2), Akira Mishima (3)
(1)Nagoya Industrial Science Research Institute, Japan, (2)Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan, (3)Pacific Industrial Co., Ltd. Gifu, Japan

Session L5A: Adjustable Speed Drives

T5-115: The Use of Small Voltage Vectors of Matrix Converters in Direct Torque Control of Induction Machines
Carlos Ortega (1), Antoni Arias (2), Josep Balcells (2), Cedric Caruana (3), Cyril Spiteri (3), Joseph Cilia (3)
(1)Escola Universitaria Salesiana de Sarria, Spain, (2)Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain, (3)University of Malta, Malta

T5-117: Discrete Space Vector Modulation Applied on a PMSM Motor
David Ocen (1), Luis Romeral (2), Juan Antonio Ortega (2), Jordi Cusido (2), Antoni Garcia (2)
(1)Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, (2)Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain

T5-127: Technical Issues on Velocity Measurement for Motion Control
Toshiaki Tsuji, Mariko Mizuochi, Kouhei Ohnishi
Keio University, Japan

T5-131: Fuzzy Logic Speed Controller Robust Against Drive Parameters Variation
Tomasz Pajchrowski, Krzysztof Zawirski
Poznan University of Technology, Poland

T7-501: Graphical Development of Software for Programmable Logic Controllers
Jose Roger-Folch, Juan Perez, Manuel Pineda, Ruben Puche
Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain

Session L5B: Non-linear Motion Control I

T5-132: Shaft Sensorless Speed Control of Induction Motor Drive
Pavol Makys (1), Greg M. Asher (2), Mark Sumner (2), Qiang Gao (2), Jan Vittek (1)
(1)University of Zilina, Slovakia, (2)University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

T5-301: Optimization of PM Brushless DC Motor Drive Speed Controller using Modification of Ziegler-Nichols Methods based on Bode Plot
Petar Crnosija (1), Krishnan Ramu (2), Toni Bjazic (1)
(1)University of Zagreb, FER, Croatia, (2)Virginia Tech, USA

T5-306: Permanent Magnet Motor Control in Full Speed Range without Mechanical Sensors
Guillermo Bisheimer (1), Maximiliano Osvaldo Sonnaillon (1), Cristian Hernan De Angelo (1), Jorge Alberto Solsona (2), Guillermo Oscar Garcia (1)
(1)Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto, Argentina, (2)Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina

T5-401: A Study on High Accuracy Discrete-Time Sliding Mode Control
Asif Sabanovic (1), Khalid Abidi (2), Meltem Elitas (1)
(1)Sabanci University, Turkey, (2)National University of Singapore, Singapore

Session L5C: Non-linear Motion Control II

T5-505: Wideband Motion Control by Acceleration Disturbance Observer
Kouhei Irie, Seiichiro Katsura, Kiyoshi Ohishi
Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan

T5-508: Hybrid Control for Multiple Robots in Grasping and Manipulation
Ryogo Kubo, Kouhei Ohnishi
Keio University, Japan

T5-606: Predictive Trajectory Tracking Control for Mobile Robots
Gregor Klancar, Igor Skrjanc
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Slovenia

T5-608: Robust H_inf Optimal PI Control for Servo Drive Applications Solved by a Genetic Algorithm
Karsten Peter, Marat Vinogradski, Andre Tenhagen, Matthias Joost, Bernd Orlik
University of Bremen, Germany

T5-613: Using Artificial Potential Field Methods and Fuzzy Logic for Mobile Robot Control
Viorel Stoian, Mircea Ivanescu, Elena Stoian, Cristina Pana
University of Craiova, Romania

Session L5D: Robotics

T5-504: Haptic Information Sharing by Multilateral Control
Toshiyuki Suzuyama, Seiichiro Katsura, Kiyoshi Ohishi
Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan

T5-507: Trajectory Planning of Biped Robot with Two Kinds of Inverted Pendulums
Tomoyuki Suzuki, Kouhei Ohnishi
Keio University, Japan

T5-604: Sliding Mode based Position Control of a Flexible-Link Arm
Aydemir Arisoy (1), Metin Gokasan (1), O.Seta Bogosyan (2)
(1)Istanbul Technical University, Turkey, (2)University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA

T5-607: Run-Time Reconfiguration of Tandem Inverter for Induction Motor Drives
Jozsef Vasarhelyi (1), Maria Imecs (2), Csaba Szabo (2), Ioan Iov Incze (2)
(1)University of Miskolc, Hungary, (2)Technical University of Cluj, Romania

T5-609: Discrete Free and Fixed End-Point Optimal Control Problems for Linear Electrical Drive Systems
Corneliu Botan, Florin Ostafi
Technical University of Iasi, Romania

Session L7: Measurements, Sensors and Observing Techniques

T7-301: Design and Realization of Power Quality Monitoring System based on DSP and PCI Technique
Wei Kang, Xiangwu Yan, Heming Li, Lixia Zhang
North China Electric Power University, China

T7-403: A New Sensorless Control for the Switched Reluctance Machine
Joanna Bekiesch, Gunter Schroder
University of Siegen, Germany

T7-406: A Sensorless Rotor Temperature Estimator for Induction Machines based on Current Harmonic Spectral Estimation Scheme
Zhi Gao (1), Thomas G. Habetler (1), Ronald Harley (1), Roy Colby (2)
(1)Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, (2)Schneider Electric, USA

T7-409: Identification of the Moment of Inertia in the Digital Control Drive
Sergey Ryvkin (1), Dmitry Izosimov (1), Anatoly Vinogradov (2)
(1)Institute of Control Sciences, Russia, (2)Ivanovo Power Electronic University, Russia

Session L8: Electromagnetic Compatibility

T8-301: Use of a Cz Common-Mode Capacitor in 2-Wire and 3-Wire Off-Line Power Supplies
Hung-I Hsieh, Tien-Chi Lin, Dan Chen
National Taiwan University, Taiwan

T8-102: Mitigation of Conducted Emission of Power Electronic Resistance Welding Equipment
Thoralf Winkler, Reinhard Doebbelin, Andreas Lindemann
University of Magdeburg, Germany

T8-103: High-Frequency Modeling of an Adjustable Speed Drive
Yannick Weens, Nadir Idir, Jean Jacques Franchaud, Robert Bausiere
University of Sciences and Technology of Lille, France

T8-104: Passive Cancellation of PWM Inverter's Adverse Effects in Electrical Machine System
Abdolreza Esmaeli, Li Sun, Qun Wu
Harbin Institute of Technology, China

T8-302: EMI Estimation for DC/AC Hard Switching Converter using Wiener Filter
Piotr Musznicki (1), Jean-Luc Schanen (2), Pierre Granjon (3), Piotr J Chrzan (1)
(1)Politechnika Gdanska, Poland, (2)INPG - Laboratoire d'Electrotechnique de Grenoble, France, (3)INPG- Laboratoire des Images et des Signaux, France

Session L9: Power Electronics in Transportation

T9-102: State Transitions in Vector Controlled AC Tram Drive
Andrzej Debowski, Piotr Chudzik, Grzegorz Lisowski
Technical University of Lodz, Poland

T9-103: Active Regenerative Braking: Braking of Induction Machine Traction Drive with Maximum Torque in High Speeds
Zdenek Peroutka (1), Karel Zeman (1), Jiri Flajtingr (2)
(1)University of West Bohemia, Plzen, Czech Republic, (2)Skoda Electric, s.r.o., Czech Republic

T9-105: Multi -Reconfigurable Power System for EV Applications
Francisco Perez-Pinal, Ilse Cervantes
Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi, Facultad de Ingenieria, Mexico

T9-301: A Reliability Comparison of a Matrix Converter and an 18-Pulse Rectifier for Aerospace Applications
Patrick W. Wheeler (1), Jon C. Clare (1), Liliana de Lillo (1), Keith Bradley (1), Martin Aten (2), Chris Whitley (2), Graham Towers (2)
(1)Nottingham University, United Kingdom, (2)Smiths Aerosapce, United Kingdom

T9-401: Comparison of Fuel Cell Hybrid Propulsion Topologies with Super-Capacitor
Joeri Van Mierlo (1), Yonghua Cheng (1), Jean-Marc Timmermans (1), Peter Van den Bossche (2)
(1)Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium, (2)Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel, Belgium

Session L10: Mechatronic Systems

T10-201: Task Preservation of Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Motion using Interaction Mode Control
Seiichiro Katsura, Kiyoshi Ohishi
Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan

T10-202: Robust Position Control for a Pneumatic Cylinder
Peter Korondi (1), Janos Gyeviki (2)
(1)Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary, (2)University of Szeged, Hungary

T5-510: High-Speed Robot Motion Control under Visual Guidance
Theodor Borangiu (1), Mitica Manu (2), Florin Daniel Anton (1), Silvia Tunaru (1), Anamaria Dogar (1)
(1)University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania, (2)Windows Division Microsoft, USA

T9-403: Energy Sources Control and Management in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Yonghua Cheng (1), Joeri Van Mierlo (1), Peter Van den Bossche (2), Philippe Lataire (1)
(1)Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium, (2)Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel, Belgium

Session L11A: Electrical Energy Generation & Power Quality I

T11-103: Parallel Operation of Distributed Generation in Weak Distribution Systems
Fainan Magueed, Jaap Daalder
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

T11-104: Using Super Capacitor based Energy Storage to Improve Power Quality in Distributed Power Generation
Yonghua Cheng (1), Joeri Van Mierlo (1), Peter Van den Bossche (2), Philippe Lataire (1)
(1)Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium, (2)Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel, Belgium

T11-114: Inverter Control for Distributed Generation
Erik Stjernholm Hoff, Lars Einar Norum
Norwegian University for Science and Technology, Norway

T11-203: Simulation of a Power Electronic based Fault Current Limiter (FCL) in Case of Different Faults
Hubert Rubenbauer, Gerhard Herold
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

T11-402: Positive and Negative Sequence based Sensorless Control for Stand-Alone Slip-Ring Generator
Grzegorz Iwanski (1), Wlodzimierz Koczara (2)
(1)Warsaw Universitu of Technology, Poland, (2)Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Session L11B: Electrical Energy Generation & Power Quality II

T11-109: Modeling of DC/DC Converter for DC Load Flow Calculation
Menghua Zhao, Zhe Chen, Frede Blaabjerg
Aalborg University, Denmark

T11-110: Discrete-Time Sliding Mode Control of Load Frequency in Power Systems with Input Delay
Kresimir Vrdoljak, Ivan Petrovic, Nedjeljko Peric
University of Zagreb, FER, Croatia

T11-305: Appropriate Control Methods for PWM AC-to-DC Converters Applied in Active Line-Conditioning
Robert Paku, Cristian Popa, Mircea Bojan, Richard Marschalko
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania

T11-311: Harmonic Voltage Mitigation in Industrial Power Systems by using Multiple Active Power Filter Configuration
Josef Tlusty (1), Viktor Valouch (2)
(1)Czech Technical University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Republic, (2)Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Thermomechanics, Czech Republic

T11-313: Power Factor Correction and Compensation of Unbalanced Loads by PWM DC/AC Converters
Rafael Jardan (1), Istvan Nagy (1), Tamas Ruzsanyi (2), Hiroyuki Ohsaki (3)
(1)Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary, (2)Ganz Transelektro Traction Electrics Ltd., Hungary, (3)University of Tokyo, Japan

Session L12: Renewable Energy Sources

T12-121: Small-Power Wind Turbine's Characterization. Application in a Production's Forecast
Adan Simon Muela, Vincent Boitier, Corinne Alonso

T12-122: Wind Power Rotor Blade Stress Minimisation by Active Damping through Generator Torque Control
Thomas Karall (1), Helmut Weiss (2), Rudolf Woerndle (1)
(1)University of Leoben, Institute of Designing in Plastics and Composite Materials, Austria, (2)University of Leoben, Institute of Electrical Engineering, Austria

T12-205: Advanced Incremental Conductance MPPT Algorithm with a Variable Step Size
Jae Ho Lee, Hyun Su Bae, Bo Hyung Cho
Seoul National University, Korea

T12-402: Design of a Low-cost Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Stack
Michael James Case, Johan Petrus du Toit, Hendrik Christoffel van Zyl Pienaar
Vaal University of Technology, South Africa

Session P1: Semiconductor Devices and Packaging

T1-301: Simple Hybrid Electrothermal Simulation Procedure
Viktor Sunde (1), Zeljko Jakopovic (2), Neven Cobanov (3)
(1)University of Rijeka, Croatia, (2)University of Zagreb, FER, Croatia, (3)Koncar - Institute for Electrical Engineering Zagreb, Croatia

Session P2: Power Converters

T2-102: Three-Phase Z-Source AC-AC Converter
Xupeng Fang
Shandong University of Science and Technology, China

T2-103: Design and Implementation of Two-Channel Interleaved Boost Converters with Integrated Coupling Inductors
Yanshen Hu (1), Yunxiang Xie (1), Huamin Xu (2), Hao Tian (2)
(1)South China University of Technology, China, (2)Astec Power Supply Co, Ltd., China

T2-106: Design of Flyback Converter with Voltage Driven Synchronous Rectifier
Bong-Suck Kim, Ho-Seon Ryu, Man-Su Shin, Joo-Hyun Lee, Ik-Hun Lim
Korea Electric Power Research Institute, Daejeon, Korea

T2-108: Study of Stabilization Design for On-Board Distributed Power Architecture
Seiya Abe (1), Masahiko Hirokawa (2), Toshiyuki Zaitsu (3), Tamotsu Ninomiya (1)
(1)Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan, (2)TDK Corporation, Chiba, Japan, (3)TDK Innoveta Inc. TX, USA

T2-110: Parallel Connected Voltage Source Inverters without Intermodule Reactors
Toni Itkonen (1), Kimmo Rauma (1), Hanni Saren (2), Ossi Laakkonen (1), Olli Pyrhonen (1), Pertti Silventoinen (1)
(1)Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland, (2)Vacon Plc, Vantaa, Finland

T2-115: A Hybrid Approach to Improve the Robustness against Unbalanced Voltage Supply and Cancel the Common Mode Voltage for a 3-ph Buck-Type Rectifier
Junaidi Abdul Aziz (1), Christian Klumpner (1), Jon C. Clare (2)
(1)Nottingham University, United Kingdom, (2)University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

T2-116: Modified Interleave Winding of Transformer to Improve SMPS's Performance
Babak Abdi (1), Jafar Milimonfared (2), Seyed Hamid Fatthi (2)
(1)Islamic Azad University-Damavand Branch, Iran, (2)Amirkabir University, Iran

T2-118: The Effect of the Transformer Winding on the Reliability of Switching Power Supplies
Babak Abdi (1), Mohammad Bagher Menhay (2), Leila Yazdanparast (2), Jafar Milimonfared (2)
(1)Islamic Azad University-Damavand Branch, Iran, (2)Amirkabir University, Iran

T2-119: Low Power Multiple Output DC Supply - Part I: Flyback Converter with Wide Input Voltage Range
Danijel Voncina, Marko Petkovsek, Janez Nastran, Peter Zajec
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Slovenia

T2-120: Low Power Multiple Output DC Supply - Part II: Crossover Voltage Control in Multiple Output DC Supply
Peter Zajec, Danijel Voncina, Janez Nastran, Marko Petkovsek
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Slovenia

T2-121: Multicell DC/DC Converter with DSP/CPLD Control. Practical Results
Stanislaw Pirog, Marcin Baszynski, Jaroslaw Czekonski, Stanislaw Gasiorek, Andrzej Mondzik, Adam Penczek, Robert Stala
AGH-University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland

T2-122: A Dual-Use Snubber Design for Multi-Level Inverter Systems
Jamal Al-Nasseir (1), Christian Weindl (1), Gerhard Herold (1), Joerg Flotthmesch (2)
(1)University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, (2)Siemens AG, PTD M3M, Erlangen, Germany

T2-126: Adaptive Averaged Model Applied to PWM DC-DC Converters
Carles Jaen, Rafael Pindado, Josep Pou, Antoni Arias, Vicenc Sala
UPC Terrassa, Spain

T2-127: An Isolated Single-Phase Rectifier with Power Factor Correction
Ludvik Kolman, Miro Milanovic, Alenka Hren
University of Maribor, FERI, Slovenia

T2-201: SEPP-ZVS High Frequency Inverter for Induction Heating using B-SIT with Extremely Low On-resistance
Takuya Sugai (1), Hiroyuki Ogiwara (1), Misao Itoi (1), Masataka Tatsuta (2), Mutsuo Nakaoka (3)
(1)Ashikaga Institute of Technology, Japan, (2)SRCC Co.,Ltd., Miyagi, Japan, (3)Kyungnam University, Korea

T2-214: Experimental Results for the Single Capacitor Single Inductor Active Snubber
Gerardo Ceglia, Victor M. Guzman, Maria I. Gimenez de G., Julio Walter
Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela

T2-222: An Isolated Bidirectional DC-DC Converter based Super-Capacitor Interface for Automobile Electric Power Systems
Eiji Hiraki (1), Koji Yamamoto (1), Toshihiko Tanaka (1), Tomokazu Mishima (2), Mutsuo Nakaoka (3)
(1)Yamaguchi University, Japan, (2)Kure College of Technology, Japan, (3)Kyungnam University, Korea

T2-223: A Novel ZVS PWM FB DC-DC Converter using Auxiliary Resonant Net
Sun Tiecheng, Zhu Xueqin, Liu Hongpeng, Liang Lian, Gao Peng
Harbin Institute of Technology, China

T2-224: Contact-Less Energy Transfer Carried Out by Resonant-Link based AC-DC Converter
Miro Milanovic (1), Mitja Truntic (1), Joze Korelic (1), Primoz Slibar (2), Valentin Koblar (3)
(1)University of Maribor, FERI, Slovenia, (2)TECES, Development Centre for Electrical Machines, Slovenia, (3)Kolektor Group, Idrija, Slovenia

T2-225: Soft-Switching PWM DC-DC Converter for High Power Applications
Jaroslav Dudrik, Juraj Oetter
Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia

T2-226: High-Frequency Transformer Isolated Soft-Switching DC-DC Converter for Fuel Cell Cogeneration System
Shinichiro Sumiyoshi (1), Hideki Omori (1), Yoshimichi Nakamura (2), Nozomi Tan (2), Yasuyuki Nishida (3)
(1)Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Osaka, Japan, (2)Winz Co., Ltd, Shizuoka, Japan, (3)Nihon University Tokusada, Japan

T2-305: Dependence of Current Pulsations of Multi-Phase Electrical Machine on Reduction of Winding Pitch and Scheme of Semiconductor Converter
Mikhail Pronin, Alexey Vorontsov
JSC Power Machines Branch Electrosila, Russia

T2-308: The Inductance Set Design in Wide Bandwidth Multiswitching Converters
Maria Stefania Carmeli, Francesco Castelli-Dezza, Marco Mauri, Gabrio Superti-Furga
Politecnico di Milano, Italy

T2-309: Matrix-Reactance Frequency Converter based on Buck-Boost Topology
Zbigniew Fedyczak (1), Pawel Szczesniak (1), Marius Klytta (2)
(1)University of Zielona Gora, Poland, (2)University of Applied Sciences, Giessen, Germany

T2-312: Investigation on Switching Function Algorithm of Matrix Rectifier under Abnormal Power Supply Conditions
Xi-jun Yang, Peng-sheng Ye, Xing-hua Yang, Jian-quan Wang, Luan-guo Zhang
Shanghai Jiaotong University, China

T2-313: Three-Level Rectifier Fed Four-Level Inverter for Electric Drives
Nikolay Lopatkin (1), Gennady Zinoviev (2), Alex Usachev (3), Helmut Weiss (4)
(1)Shukshin Biysk Teacher-Training State University, Russia, (2)Novosibirsk State Technical University, Russia, (3)Siberia - Mechatronics, Novosibirsk, Russia, (4)University of Leoben, Institute of Electrical Engineering, Austria

T2-314: Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of the Line Current in Matrix Converters
Domenico Casadei, Mirko Ghirelli, Giovanni Serra, Angelo Tani, Luca Zarri
University of Bologna, Italy

T2-315: Matrix Converter Induction Motor Drive
Jiri Lettl
Czech Technical University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Republic

T2-316: An Optimized Control Technique of Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Active Front-Ends
Gianluca Brando, Adolfo Dannier, Andrea Del Pizzo
University of Naples ""Federico II"", Dep. Electrical Engineering, Italy

T2-402: Discrete-Time Model for PWM Converters in Discontinuous Conduction Mode
Mohammed S. Al-Numay
King Saud University; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

T2-403: Design and Simulation of Fast-Response Filter based on Locomotive Battery Testing System
Lixia Zhang, Xiangwu Yan, Heming Li, Wei Kang
North China Electric Power University, China

T2-404: Comparison of Different Design Methods for the Parallel Resonant Converter
Alexander Bucher, Thomas Duerbaum, Daniel Kuebrich, Alexander Stadler
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

T2-405: Dynamical Characterization of Voltage-Mode Controlled Buck Converter Operating in CCM and DCM
Mikko Hankaniemi, Matti Karppanen, Teuvo Suntio
Tampere University of Technology, Institute of Power Electronics, Finland

T2-406: Simulation Methods for 3x3 Matrix Converter
Alvis Sokolovs (1), Ilja Galkin (2), Oskars Krievs (1), Juhan Laugis (2)
(1)Riga Technical University, Latvia, (2)Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

T2-407: Calculation of Core Losses in Toroids with Rectangular Cross Section
Alexander Stadler, Manfred Albach, Alexander Bucher
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

T2-409: General Analysis of Multi-Phase Systems based on Space Vector Approach
Gabriele Grandi, Giovanni Serra, Angelo Tani
University of Bologna, Italy

Session P3: Control of Power Converters

T3-106: Hysteresis Regulator with Clocked Commutation in DC/AC Power Converter System
Yury Kolokolov (1), Stanislav Koschinsky (1), Dmitry Tey (1), Janan Zaytoon (2), Abdelaziz Hamzaoui (2)
(1)Orel State Technical University, Russia, (2)Centre of Information and Communication Technology, France

T3-109: Construction of FPGA based Hardware Controller for Autonomous Decentralized Control for UPS Application
Wataru Fujii, Tomoki Yokoyama
Tokyo Denki University, Japan

T3-110: Utilization of Low Distortion Power Electronics Current Sources in Generator of Spatial Magnetic Field
Michal Gwozdz, Ryszard Porada
Poznan University of Technology, Poland

T3-111: Predictive Digital Interpolation Current Control
Carlos Eduardo Carrejo, Enric Vidal-Idiarte, Roberto Giral, Luis Martinez-Salamero
Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain

T3-113: Digital Control of Two Stage High Power Inverter
Otu A. Eno, David S. Thompson
University of Dundee, Dep. EEP, United Kingdom

T3-117: Stability Analysis of PWM-Controlled Dual Channel Resonant Buck&Boost Converter using PI Controller
Balazs Buti (1), Istvan Nagy (1), Eisuke Masada (2)
(1)Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary, (2)Tokyo University of Science, Japan

T3-120: Optimized Resonant Control for Shunt Active Power Filters
Antonio Dell Aquila, Maria Marinelli, Vito Giuseppe Monopoli, Agostino Lecci
Politecnico di Bari, Italy

T3-121: Feedback Control of the Three-Level PWM Rectifier: Application to the Stabilisation of the DC Voltages of a Multilevel Inverter
Farid Bouchafaa (1), El-Madjid Berkouk (2), Mohamed Seghir Boucherit (2), Bruno Francois (3)
(1)University of Science and Techmology Houari, Algeria, (2)Polytechnic National School Algiers, Algeria, (3)Ecole Centrale de Lille, France

T3-122: Advanced DSP Control of 3-level DC/AC Converter for Variable-Speed PMSG
Mariusz Malinowski, Wojciech Kolomyjski, Marian P. Kazmierkowski, Sebastian Stynski
Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Control and Industrial Electronics, Poland

T3-123: A Three-Phase Power Source with Low THD for Energy Meters Calibration
Gorazd Modrijan, Peter Zajec, Janez Nastran, Henrik Lavric, Danijel Voncina
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Slovenia

T3-129: Sensorless Control of a Grid-Connected PV Converter
Istvan Varjasi (1), Attila Balogh (1), Sandor Halasz (2)
(1)Automation and Applied Informatics Department, Budapest, Hungary, (2)Electric Power Engineering Department, Budapest, Hungary

T3-202: A Novel Output-Voltage Dip Preventing Circuit for a Synchronous Buck Converter with a Pre-Biased Voltage
Pei-Yuan Chen (1), Dan Chen (1), Fu-Yuan Shih (2)
(1)National Taiwan University, Dep. EE, Taiwan, (2)Leadtrend Technology Corp., Taiwan

T3-204: Improvement Signal Output of DM-PWM Inverter for Driving High Efficient Electrical Load
Pinit Thepsatorn (1), Chalong Sodaban (1), Vittaya Tipsuwanporn (2), Pongsak Jitnaknan (2)
(1)Srinakharinwirot University, Thailand, (2)King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Thailand

T3-207: A Powerful Switching Frequency Limitation in Sliding Mode Control
Jean-Christophe Olivier, Jean-Claude Le Claire, Luc Loron
Institut de Recherche en Electronique et Electrotechnique de Nantes Atlantique, France

T3-208: Comparison of Methods for Continuous Transition of Space Vector PWM into Six-Step Mode
Zdenek Peroutka, Tomas Glasberger
University of West Bohemia, Plzen, Czech Republic

T3-210: A Novel Multi-Dimensional SVPWM Strategy of Multiphase Motor Drives
Shan Xue, Xuhui Wen, Feng Zhao
Chinese Academy of Science, Institute of Electrical Engineering, China

T3-211: A Novel Digital Synchronization Control Strategy for Parallel-Connected Inverters
Bangyin Liu, Shanxu Duan, Yong Kang, Jian Chen
Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China

T3-215: Snubbers in the Three-Phase AC to DC Buck Converter
Franc Mihalic, Dejan Kos, Miran Rodic, Miro Milanovic
University of Maribor, FERI, Slovenia

T3-216: Contribution to the Reference Voltage Form of Frequency Inverters
Jiri Pavelka (1), Petr Pavelka (2)
(1)Czech Technical University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Republic, (2)CKD Elektrotechnika a.s., Development Department, Czech Republic

T3-303: Robust Predictive Dead-Beat Controller for Buck Converters
Joerg Weigold, Michael Braun
University of Karlsruhe, Germany

T3-304: Fixed Frequency Sliding Mode Control for Boost Converter
Maurice Fadel, Ana Maria Llor
ENSEEIHT/LEEI, Toulouse, France

T3-404: Model Reference Adaptive Control of Asynchronized Synchronous Motor based on Neural Network On-Line Identification
Li Liu (1), Xiaoqiong He (1), Jian Xiao (1), Helmut Weiss (2)
(1)Southwest Jiao Tong University, School of Electrical Engineering, China, (2)University of Leoben, Institute of Electrical Engineering, Austria

Session P4: Electrical Machines and Actuators

T4-101: A Novel Method of the Stator Voltage Error Compensation in the Sensorless Vector Control of Induction Motor
Guilan Chen, Xuhui Wen, Li Han
Electric Engineering Institute CAS, China

T4-104: Effect of the Position and the Number Broken Bars on Asynchronous Motor Stator Current Spectrum
Arezki Menacer (1), Moreau Sandrine (2), Abdelhamid Benakcha (1), Mohamed Said Nait Said (3)
(1)University of Biskra, Algeria, (2)LA II, Poitiers Cedex, France, (3)University of Batna, Algeria

T4-108: Starting Control using Angles Adjustment of the Double Dimmer Supply Method for Single-Phase Induction Motor
Almir Neri Jr., Ana Cristina Lyra
University of Campinas - Unicamp, Brazil

T4-201: Optimal Design of Internal Permanent Magnet Motor for Starter/Generator of Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Jawad Faiz (1), Babak Keyvani-Boroujeni (2)
(1)University of Tehran, Iran, (2)University of Tabriz, Iran

T4-202: Fault Tolerance for Phase Open-Circuit and Power Electronic Switch Disconnection in PMBDC Motor by Adding Extra Parts to Inverter
Jawad Faiz (1), Majid Ahmadi (1), Azeem Khan (2)
(1)University of Tehran, Iran, (2)University of Cape Town, South Africa

T4-205: Complete Analytical Modeling of an Axial Flux PM Synchronous Machine for Wind Energy Application
Nabil Abdel-Karim, Jaouad Azzouzi, Georges Barakat, Brayima Dakyo
Le Havre University, France

T4-207: The Generalized Geometric Approach to Comparative Study of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines and Mechatronic Modules
Valery Chrisanov, Piotr Szymczak, Wlodzimierz Kaminski
Szczecin University of Technology, Institute of Electrical Engineering, Poland

T4-208: A Seamless Whole Speed Range Control of Interior PM Synchronous Machine without Position Transducer
Roman Filka (1), Peter Balazovic (1), Branislav Dobrucky (2)
(1)Freescale Semiconductor Roznov, Czech Republic, (2)University of Zilina, Slovakia

T4-302: Advantages and Disadvantages of Reluctance Step Motors in Comparison with Other Design Versions
Leonids Ribickis (1), Edmunds Kamolins (1), Nikolai Levin (2), Vladimir Pugachov (2)
(1)Riga Technical University, Latvia, (2)Latvian Academy of Sciences, Latvia

T4-303: A Method for Calculating Iron Loss of a Switched Reluctance Motor based on Reluctance Network Analysis
Kenji Nakamura, Shinya Fujio, Osamu Ichinokura
Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan

T4-304: A Novel Drive Method for Switched Reluctance Motors using Three-phase Power Modules
Hiroki Goto (1), Hai-Jiao Guo (2), Osamu Ichinokura (1)
(1)Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, (2)Tohoku Gakuin University, Sendai, Japan

T4-305: Three-Phase Reluctance Generator with Permanent Magnets Buried in Stator Core
Osamu Ichinokura (1), Tomoya Ono (1), Atsushi Takahashi (2), Kenji Nakamura (1), Tadaaki Watanabe (1)
(1)Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, (2)Fukushima Technology Centre, Koriyama, Japan

T4-306: Characteristics of 8/6 SR Generator with a Suppression Resistor Converter
Atsushi Takahashi (1), Hiroki Goto (2), Kenji Nakamura (2), Tadaaki Watanabe (2), Osamu Ichinokura (2)
(1)Fukushima Technology Centre, Koriyama, Japan, (2)Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan

T4-307: Finite Element Analysis of Switched Reluctance Motor under Dynamic Eccentricity Fault
Jawad Faiz, Siavash Pakdelian
University of Tehran, Iran

T4-308: A Simple Method to Reduce Torque Ripple of SR Motor using Freewheeling Mode
Mirai Sato (1), Hiroki Goto (1), Hai-Jiao Guo (2), Osamu Ichinokura (1)
(1)Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, (2)Tohoku Gakuin University, Sendai, Japan

T4-310: Reluctance Network Analysis of High Power Synchronous Reluctance Motor with Saturation and Iron Losses Considerations
Tsarafidy Raminosoa, Ignace Rasoanarivo, Francois-Michel Sargos
GREEN-INPL Nancy, France

T4-312: Analytically Computing Winding Currents to Generate Torque and Levitation Force of a New Bearingless Switched Reluctance Motor
Li Chen, Wilfried Hofmann
Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany

T4-404: Compact Double Sided Modular Linear Motor for Narrow Industrial Applications
Lorand Szabo, Dan-Cristian Popa, Vasile Iancu
Technical University of Cluj, Romania

T4-602: Modelling of an Universal Motor Supplied by a Harmonic Voltage
Pavel Zaskalicky (1), Jan Dupej (2)
(1)Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia, (2)BSH Drives and Pumps, Michalovce, Slovakia

T4-603: A Phase Variable Simulation Model for Interior PM Synchronous Motor Drives with Stator Turn Faults
Youngkook Lee, Thomas G. Habetler
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

T4-605: Performance Evaluation of Single Sided Linear Induction Machine using Finite Element Analysis
Subburam Ramkumar, Mahadevan Balaji, Narayanaswamy Sivakumar, V. Karamaj
SSN College of Engineering Kalavakkam, India

T4-606: Vector Control Hybrid Fuzzy-Conventional for a Linear Induction Motor
Mohamed Ali Nasr Khoidja (1), Boujemaa Ben Salah (1), Pascal Brochet (2)
(1)Ecole Nationale d'Ingenieurs de Tunis, Tunisia, (2)Ecole Centrale de Lille, France

T4-608: A Study of Improving the Power Factor of a Three-Phase Induction Motor using a Static Switched Capacitor
Adisa A. Jimoh, Dan V. Nicolae
Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria, South Africa

T4-611: Design Optimization of an Axial Flux PM Synchronous Machine: Comparison Between DIRECT Method and GAs Method
Jaouad Azzouzi, Rachid Belfkira, Nabil Abdel-Karim, Georges Barakat, Brayima Dakyo
Le Havre University, France

T5-120: Position Sensorless Direct Torque Control of SR Motors
Manabu Mitani (1), Hiroki Goto (1), Hai-Jiao Guo (2), Osamu Ichinokura (1)
(1)Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, (2)Tohoku Gakuin University, Sendai, Japan

Session P5: Motion Control, Robotics, Adjustable Speed Drives

T5-105: Discrete-Time Modelling-Flux and Torque Deadbeat Control for Induction Machine
Jean-Claude Alacoque
ALSTOM Transport/LES-T, Villeurbanne, France

T5-106: Optimal Control of Transistor SRM Converters with Reduced Number of Switching Element
Laszlo Szamel
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

T5-107: A Simple Approach on Rotor Flux Estimation Without Integration for a DSP based Speed Sensorless Vector Control of Induction Motor
Debashis Chatterjee, Ashoke Kumar Ganguli, Rupendranath Chakrabarti
Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India

T5-108: Proportional-Integral LQ Control of a Two-Mass System
Maciej Tondos, Grzegorz Sieklucki, Adam Pracownik
University of Mining and Metalurgy in Cracow, Poland

T5-111: Speed Estimation of PM Stepper Motors. Robustness Aspects
Andres Leon (1), Jorge Alberto Solsona (2)
(1)Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Argentina, (2)Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina

T5-112: On-line Trained Neural Speed Controller with Variable Weight Update Period for Direct-Torque-Controlled AC Drive
Lech M. Grzesiak, Vincent Meganck, Jakub Sobolewski, Bartlomiej Ufnalski
Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Control and Industrial Electronics, Poland

T5-114: Rotor Flux Observer in Pseudo - Sliding Mode for Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drives
Martin Hrasko (1), Jan Vittek (2), Rastislav Havrila (1), Ivan Lokseninec (1)
(1)EVPU a.s/R&D, Nova Dubnica, Slovakia, (2)University of Zilina, Slovakia

T5-119: A Self-Tuning Loss-Model based Efficiency Controller for an Induction Motor Drive
Gerardo Mino-Aguilar (1), Juan Manuel Moreno-Eguilaz (1), Bogdan Pryymak (2), Juan Peracaula (1)
(1)Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain, (2)E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute, Kyiv, Ukraine

T5-121: Robust Current Regulator with 2 DOF Structure and Stability Analysis for IPMSM Drives under High Speed Region
Masaru Hasegawa, Yasuhiro Nitta, Keiju Matsui
Chubu University, Japan

T5-122: Experimental Comparison of Discrete Time Sliding Mode and Conventional, PI Current Controller for IM Drives
Mehmet Dal (1), Karel Jezernik (2)
(1)Kocaeli University, Izmit, Turkey, (2)University of Maribor, FERI, Slovenia

T5-124: Direct Torque Control of Induction Motors using a Fuzzy Inference System for Reduced Ripple Torque and Current Limitation
Julio C. Viola, Jose A. Restrepo, Victor M. Guzman, Maria I. Gimenez de G.
Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela

T5-129: A Performance Improvement of V/f Control using a Disturbance Observer
Junichi Itoh (1), Tetsuma Hoshino (1), Takayuki Kaneko (2)
(1)Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan, (2)Fuji Electric Advanced Technology Co., Ltd., Japan

T5-202: Analysis of Induction Motor Drive Losses in the Field-Weakening Region
Tine Marcic (1), Gorazd Stumberger (2), Miralem Hadziselimovic (2), Ivan Zagradisnik (2)
(1)TECES, Development Centre for Electrical Machines, Slovenia, (2)University of Maribor, FERI, Slovenia

T5-203: Correlation of Dynamical with Steady State Properties of Converter Fed Drives
Roman Muszynski
Poznan University of Technology, Poland

T5-302: Reliable Control using Equivalent Transfer Function for Position Servo System
Kaoru Ishikawa, Tsutomu Ohmae
Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan

T5-305: Fan Drive Starting into Naturally Rotating Load by Sinusoidal Sensorless Permanent Magnet Motor Control
Ana Borisavljevic, Eddy Ho, Toshio Takahashi
International Rectifier, El Segundo, USA

T5-501: A Novel Fault Tolerant Reconfigurable Concept for Vector Control of Induction Motors
Farzad Tahami, Ali Shojaee
Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

T5-502: System Design and Software Architecture of Traction Vehicle Control Computer
Jiri Zdenek
Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic

T5-509: Automatic Approach to Parameter Scaling in Induction Motor Control Algorithms
Miran Rodic (1), Uros Rupar (2), Joze Korelic (1), Karel Jezernik (1)
(1)University of Maribor, FERI, Slovenia, (2)Kolektor Group, Idrija, Slovenia

T5-511: FPGA based BLDC Motor Current Control with Spectral Analysis
Dejan Kos, Milan Curkovic, Karel Jezernik
University of Maribor, FERI, Slovenia

T5-512: 3D Vision in Industrial Robot Working Process
Isak Karabegovic (1), Samir Vojic (1), Vlatko Dolecek (2)
(1)University of Bihac, Faculty of Technical Engineering, Bosnia and Herzegovina, (2)University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Bosnia and Herzegovina

T5-601: Behavioral Cloning and Obstacle Avoiding for Two Different Autonomous Vehicle
Ranka Kulic (1), Zoran Vukic (2)
(1)Faculty of Maritime of Studies Kotor, Serbia and Montenegro, (2)University of Zagreb, FER, Croatia

T5-610: Study and Simulation of Direct Torque Control of Double-Star Induction Motor Drive
Khoudir Marouani (1), Farid Khoucha (1), Abdelaziz Kheloui (1), Lotfi Baghli (2), Djafar Hadiouche (2)
(1)UER-Electrotechnique, Algiers, Algeria, (2)GREEN, Cedex, France

T5-614: Intelligent Electric Vehicle Motion and Crossroad Control
Mikhail Gorobetz, Anatoly Levchenkov, Leonids Ribickis
Riga Technical University, Latvia

T5-615: Forced Dynamic Control of Electric Drives with Vibration Modes in the Mechanical Load
Stephen James Dodds (1), Krzysztof Szabat (2)
(1)University of East London, School of Computing and Technology, United Kingdom, (2)Wroclaw University of Technology, Inst. Electrical Drives, Machines and Measurements, Poland

Session P6: Application and Design of Power Electronic Systems

T6-102: Driver Chip Design Considerations for VRM Applications
Shih-hui Chen (1), Chung-Lung Pai (1), Dan Chen (2), Jing-meng Liu (1), Calvin Juang (1)
(1)RichTek Technology Corp., Hsinchu, Taiwan, (2)National Taiwan University, Taiwan

T6-103: Multidisciplinary Analysis of Electromechanical Actuator based on FEM - Circuit Simulator Coupling
Jan Sitar (1), Pavol Bauer (2)
(1)Alexander Dubcek University of Trencin, Slovakia, (2)Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

T6-301: Analysis of Orthogonal Arc Suppression Coil and Compensation of Earth Faults
Xiaoxia Wei, Yanchao Ji, Jianze Wang, Xianmin Mu
Harbin Institute of Technology, China

T12-116: Short Term Energy Storage based on Reluctance Machine Control for Wind Diesel System
Mostafa El Mokadem, Cristian Nichita, Pascal Reghem, Brayima Dakyo
Le Havre University, France

Session P7: Measurements, Sensors and Observing Techniques

T7-101: Static and Dynamic Electric Behavior of Compact Fluorescent Lamps
Gabriela Siqueira, Yaro Burian
University of Campinas, Brazil

T7-201: Automated Data Acquisition System for Monitoring Electrical Stations
Mircea Dobriceanu (1), Alexandru Bitoleanu (1), Mihaela Popescu (1), Gabriel Vladut (2)
(1)University of Craiova, Romania, (2)Automation Engineering Institute, Craiova, Romania

T7-302: Electrolyte Measurements Automation for Capacitor Research and Development
Denes Fodor (1), Otto Klug (2), Ivett Balint (2), Attila Horvath (1), Attila Riz (1)
(1)Pannon University, Veszprem, Hungary, (2)Electronic Parts and Components Ltd., Szombathely, Hungary

T7-402: Power System Voltage Harmonic Identification using Kalman Filter
Raul Alcaraz, Emilio J. Bueno, Santiago Cobreces, Francisco J. Rodriguez, Felipe Espinosa, S. Muyulema
Alcala University, Madrid, Spain

T7-404: Sensorless Control of Interior Permanent Magnet Machine at Standstill and Low Speed
Feng Zhao, Xuhui Wen, Shan Xue, Jinwen Gao
Chinese Academy of Science, Institute of Electrical Engineering, China

T7-405: Real-Time Parameter Identification through Output Signal Processing based on the Preliminary Data Structurized
Yury Kolokolov (1), Anna Monovskaya (1), Jose Ragot (2)
(1)Orel State Technical University, Russia, (2)INPL CRAN-2, UMR CNRS 7039, France

T7-407: Position Calibration Techniques Comparison for Sensorless Controlled PMSM based on Variance Adjustment and Angle Regulation
Ming Chuan Huang, Anthony J. Moses, Fatih E. Anayi
Cardiff University, School of Engineering, United Kingdom

T7-408: Mobile Robot Localization using Local Occupancy Grid Maps Transformations
Lejla Banjanovic-Mehmedovic (1), Ivan Petrovic (2), Edouard Ivanjko (2)
(1)University of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, (2)University of Zagreb, FER, Croatia

T7-410: Coaxial HF Power Transformer with Tubular Linear Windings -FEM Results vs. Laboratory Test
Boguslaw Grzesik, Mariusz Stepien
The Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland

T7-411: Induction Machine Shaft Speed Estimation using Imaginary Power
Terrence Summers, Robert Eric Betz, Brendan McGrath, Graham Clifford Goodwin
University of Newcastle, Callaghan, Australia

T7-412: The Impact of the System Operating Point on the Accuracy of the AC Slip-Ring Motor Speed Estimation
Alen Poljugan (1), Fetah Kolonic (1), Alojz Slutej (2)
(1)University of Zagreb, FER, Croatia, (2)ABB Sweden, Sweden

T7-413: Portable Three Phase Energy Consumption Acquisition System
Alois Lang, Helmut Weiss
University of Leoben, Institute of Electrical Engineering, Austria

Session P8: Electromagnetic Compatibility

T8-101: Application of Simulated Annealing Algorithm in Common Mode Current Suppression
Yanli Gao, Yonggao Zhang
East China JiaoTong University, China

T8-105: Radio Frequency Emissions of Public Lighting Devices
Zoltan Kvasznicza, Gyorgy Elmer
University of Pecs, Pollack Mihaly Faculty of Engineering, Hungary

T8-201: Power Quality at the Input of DC Motor and Controlled Rectifier Driving Systems
Alexandru Bitoleanu, Mihaela Popescu, Mircea Dobriceanu
University of Craiova, Romania

T8-202: A Novel Active Filter to Reduce Common Mode Voltage and Its Effects in Electrical Machine System
Abdolreza Esmaeli (1), Li Sun (2), Wu Qun (2)
(1)National Radiation Protection Department, Tehran, China, (2)Harbin Institute of Technology, China

T8-303: Classification of Power Disturbances using Fuzzy Logic
Boris Bizjak, Peter Planinsic
University of Maribor, FERI, Slovenia

Session P9: Power Electronics in Transportation

T9-101: Electric Power Divider in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Powertrain
Zdenek Cerovsky, Pavel Mindl
Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic

T9-104: Design Considerations for Single Phase Current-Source Active Rectifier
Jan Michalik, Jan Molnar, Zdenek Peroutka
University of West Bohemia, Plzen, Czech Republic

T9-106: Computer Models for Simulation and Control of a Traction Supply System
Madis Lehtla, Juhan Laugis
Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

T9-107: Analytical Calculation of Supply Current Harmonics Generated by Train Unit
Grzegorz Skarpetowski (1), Waldemar Zajac (2), Wojciech Czuchra (2)
(1)Bombardier, Switzerland, (2)Cracow University of Technology, Poland

T9-201: Development of a PEM Fuel Cell Boat
Tang Tianhao, Han Jingang, Yao Gang, Feng Yongrui
Shanghai Maritime University, China

T9-402: Fuzzy Control of a Hybrid Power Source for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle using Regenerative Braking Ultracapacitor
Mahshid Amirabadi, Shahrokh Farhangi
University of Tehran, Iran

T9-405: Hybrid Energy Sources for Heavy Truck: Simulation and Behavior
Khadija El Kadri, Abdesslem Djerdir, Alain Berthon
University of Franche-Comte, Belfort, France

T9-407: Control of Ultracapacitors Energy Exchange
Indrek Roasto, Tonu Lehtla, Taavi Moller, Argo Rosin
Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

Session P10: Mechatronic Systems

T10-301: Software Agents Society for the Surveillance and Control of a Hydroelectric Power Plant Chain
Honoriu Valean, Liviu Miclea, Szilard Enyedi
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania

T10-502: Decentralized Control for Active Magnetic Bearings
Joze Ritonja, Bostjan Polajzer, Drago Dolinar
University of Maribor, FERI, Slovenia

Session P11: Power Electronics in Electrical Energy Generation, Transmission and Distribution

T11-101: Voltage and Frequency Control for a Self-Excited Induction Generator using a Three-Phase Four-Wire Electronic Converter
Jose Antonio Barrado (1), Robert Grino (2)
(1)Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain, (2)Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain

T11-102: Discrete-Time Dead-Beat Control of a VSC Transmission Scheme Including Voltage and Current Limitations for Wind Farm Connection
Joaquin Eloy-Garcia (1), Serge Poullain (2), Benchaib Abdelkrim (2)
(1)University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain, (2)AREVA T&D/ Power Electronics Activities, France

T11-105: Conditioning of Dynamic Power Gradients of Windparks
Constaninos Sourkounis (1), Jan Wenske (2), Florian Richter (1)
(1)Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany, (2)Radbruch, Germany

T11-106: Digital Control Method for Single Phase Utility Interactive Inverter using Deadbeat Control with FPGA based Hardware Controller
Sayaka Takamatsu, Eigo Shimada, Tomoki Yokoyama
Tokyo Denki University, Japan

T11-108: Frequency Spectrum based Coordinate Control Scheme for Several Types of Distributed Power Generation Systems in a Micro Grid
Shinichi Kusagawa (1), Daisuke Sekine (2), Jumpei Baba (3), Shigeo Numata (3), Atsushi Denda (4), Tanzo Nitta (3), Eisuke Masada (1)
(1)Tokyo University of Science, Japan, (2)Takaoka Electric MFG. CO., Japan, (3)The University of Tokyo, Japan, (4)Shimizu Corporation, Japan

T11-201: Discrete-Time Sliding-Mode Control of a STATCOM Including Voltage and Current Limitations for Wind Farm Applications
Joaquin Eloy-Garcia (1), Serge Poullain (2), Abdelkrim Benchaib (2)
(1)University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain, (2)AREVA T&D/ Power Electronics Activities, France

T11-202: STATCOM Control for Operation with Unbalanced Voltages
Bostjan Blazic, Igor Papic
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Slovenia

T11-301: Passive and Active Anti-Resonance Capacitor Systems for Power Factor Correction
Dulce Fernao Pires (1), Vitor Fernao Pires (1), Carlos Henggeler Antunes (2), Antonio Gomes Martins (2)
(1)EST Setubal / IPS Setubal, Portugal, (2)Coimbra University, INESC, Portugal

T11-304: An Active Compensation Strategy for the Low-Voltage Network in Case of Harmonic Current-Producing Loads
Ossama M. Elgendy (1), Abedel-Monem A. Abass (2), Ahmed M.A. Mahmoud (2), A.D. Alkoshery (2)
(1)Higher Technological Institute, Egypt, (2)Ain-Shams University, Egypt

T11-307: Active Power Control for Capacitive Divider Tapping Method
Dan V. Nicolae, Adisa A. Jimoh, Anton C, Britten
Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria, South Africa

T11-308: LV and MV Distribution Networks Reconfiguration for Minimum Losses
Willi M. Siti, Dan V. Nicolae, Adisa A. Jimoh
Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria, South Africa

T11-309: Power Factor Correction and Active Filtering Technology Application for Industrial Power Systems with Non-Linear Loads
Michail Smirnov, Roman Grinberg, Maxim Riabchitsky, Yuriy Rozanov
Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Russia

T11-310: A New Approach to DVR Control with Minimised Energy Injection
Krzysztof Piatek
AGH-University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland

T11-401: A Study of Synchronous Motor Drive using Static Frequency Converter
Ho-Seon Ryu, Bong-Suck Kim, Joo-Hyun Lee, Ik-Hun Lim
Korea Electric Power Research Institute, Daejeon, Korea

T11-501: Asynchronous Generator Excited by Current Controlled Voltage Source Inverter using Rotor Field Oriented Control
Jose Faria (1), Elmano Margato (1), Maria J. Resende (2)
(1)ISEL, Lisboa, Portugal, (2)IST, Lisboa, Portugal

T11-502: Improvement of Synchronous Generator Characteristics using Bi-Directional Current Phase Control Switch
Jan Arild Wiik (1), Taku Takaku (2), Fransisco Danang Wijaya (1), Tadayuki Kitahara (1), Ryuichi Shimada (1)
(1)Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, (2)Fuji Electric Device Technology Co., Ltd., Japan

T11-503: Fuzzy Logic Control of Synchronous Generator under the Condition of Transient Three Phase Short Circuit
Damir Sumina, Tomislav Idzotic, Igor Erceg
University of Zagreb, FER, Croatia

T11-601: Comparison Between Line and Capacitor Commutated Converters for HVDC Controlled by Fuzzy Controllers
Ahmed Abbas, Ahmed Hossam-Eldin, Mohamed Abdulla
Alexandria University, Egypt

T11-604: Feasibility of HVDC for Very Weak AC Systems with SCR below 1.5
Jorge Wilson Gonzalez (1), Christian Weindl (2), Gerhard Herold (2), Dietmar Retzman (3), Hugo A. Cardona (1), Idi A. Isaac (1), Gabriel J. Lopez (1)
(1)University Pontificia Bolivariana, Columbia, (2)University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, (3)Siemens PTD/Erlangen, Germany

T11-701: Dynamic Behaviour Identification of Electrical Gen-Set
Jan Leuchter (1), Pavol Bauer (2), Vladimir Rerucha (1), Zdenek Krupka (1)
(1)University of Defence, Brno, Czech Republic, (2)Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

T11-702: Modeling and Real Time Estimation of Lumped Equivalent Circuit Model of a Lithium Ion Battery
Jae Moon Lee (1), Sonu Jun (2), Jae Ho Lee (1), On Yong Nam (1), Jong Hun Kim (1), Bo Hyung Cho (1), Han-Seok Yun (2), Soon-Seok Choi (2), Kiho Kim (2), J.H. Kim (2)
(1)Seoul National University, Korea, (2)Samsung SDI Co., Ltd., Gyeonggi-do, Korea

T11-703: The Flywheel Energy Storage with Brushless DC Motor - the Practical Results
Tomasz Siostrzonek, Stanislaw Pirog
AGH-University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland

Session P12: Renewable Energy Sources

T12-104: Electrical Supply for the Small Islands on the Basis of Estonian Example
Margus Leoste, Juhan Karin
Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

T12-106: Permanent Power Generating Wind Turbine with Doubly Fed Asynchronous Generator and Storage Unit, Modelling and Simulation
Armand Boyette, Shahrokh Saadate

T12-107: A New Current Control Strategy of Maximizing the Generated Power from a Doubly Fed Induction Generator System
Hui Li (1), Zhe Chen (2)
(1)Chongqing University, China, (2)Aalborg University, Denmark

T12-110: Control of Offshore DFIG-based Windfarm Grid with Line-Commutated HVDC Connection
Serhiy Bozhko (1), Ramon Blasco-Gimenez (2), Risheng Li (1), Jon C. Clare (1), Greg M. Asher (1)
(1)Nottingham University, United Kingdom, (2)Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain

T12-112: Control of Multilevel Converter Driving Variable Speed Wind Turbine in Case of Grid Disturbances
Zoran Ivanovic, Marko Vekic, Stevan Grabic, Vladimir Katic
Faculty of Technical Sciences Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro

T12-114: DC Connection of Wind Power Generation System with Capacitor Energy Storage
Toshimitsu Morizane, Takuma Hayashi, Noriyuki Kimura, Katsunori Taniguchi
Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan

T12-115: Wind Power Generation System with Induction Machine and Diode Rectifier
Noriyuki Kimura, Mitsuhiro Hirao, Toshimitsu Morizane, Katsunori Taniguchi
Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan

T12-117: Modeling and Test of a PM Synchronous Generator based Small Stand Alone Wind Energy Converter
Eric Jean Roy Sambatra, Jacques Raharijaona, Georges Barakat, Brayima Dakyo
GREAH, University of Le Havre, France

T12-118: Research for Electric Brake using NTC Thermistors on Micro Wind Turbine
Akira Sugawara, Kenichi Yamamoto, Takeshi Yoshimi, Shingo Sato, Akira Tsurumaki, Tsuguru Ito
Niigata University, Japan

T12-119: Control and Stability Analysis of a Doubly Fed Induction Generator
Toufik Bouaouiche, Mohamed Machmoum
IREENA, Saint Nazaire Cedex, France

T12-120: Identification of Wind Turbine Model for Controller Design
Mate Jelavic, Nedjeljko Peric, Ivan Petrovic
University of Zagreb, FER, Croatia

T12-204: Improved MPPT Algorithms for Rapidly Changing Environmental Conditions
Dezso Sera, Tamas Kerekes, Remus Teodorescu, Frede Blaabjerg
Aalborg University, Denmark

T12-301: Simulation of a Doubly Fed Induction Generator Used in an Autonomous Variable Speed Hydro Turbine with Maximum Power Point Tracking Control
Denis Ramuz (1), Mamadou Camara (2), Henri Clergeot (1), Jean Marie Kaufmann (2)
(1)GRER Kourou, French Guiana, (2)UFC/UTBM- Belfort, France

T12-302: Innovation on Traditional Waterwheels for Renewable Energy
Franz Aschenbrenner
University of Leoben, Austria

T12-401: Experimental Evaluation of the Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Lifespan Problems
Michael James Case, Hardus Joubert, Hendrik Christoffel van Zyl Pienaar
Vaal University of Technology, South Africa

Session P13: Active Filtering and Unity Power Factor Correction Circuits

T13-101: Two New High Power Factor Single-Phase Diode Rectifiers using Optimum Ripple-Power Conversion
Tiiu Sakkos, Vello Sarv
Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

T13-104: Speeding-Up of Dynamic States for Single-Phase Power Active Filter
Branislav Dobrucky (1), Robert Sul (1), Rastislav Pavlanin (2), Viktor Bobek (1), Igor Gerek (3)
(1)University of Zilina, Slovakia, (2)Politecnico di Bari, Italy, (3)Electrical Research and Testing Institute, Slovakia

T13-201: A Simple Prediction based Current Reference Generation Method for a Four-Wire Active Power Filter
Sami Pettersson, Mikko Routimo, Mika Salo, Heikki Tuusa
Tampere University of Technology, Finland

T13-202: A Current Source Active Power Filter Controlled by a Sliding Mode Approach
Vitor Fernao Pires (1), Jose Fernando Silva (2)
(1)EST Setubal / IPS Setubal, Portugal, (2)IST / UTL Lisboa, Portugal

T13-203: Three-Phase Parallel Active Power Filter with Direct Current Control
David Nedeljkovic, Mitja Nemec, Vanja Ambrozic
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Slovenia

T13-204: Shunt Active Filter for Voltage and Power Improvements within a Micro-grid
Fabio Carastro, Mark Sumner, Pericle Zanchetta
University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

T13-205: A Novel High Performance Current Control for Shunt Active Filters
Wanchak Lenwari, Mark Sumner, Pericle Zanchetta
University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

T13-206: High Performance Predictive Current Control for Active Shunt Filters
Milijana Odavic (1), Pericle Zanchetta (1), Mark Sumner (1), Zeljko Jakopovic (2)
(1)University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, (2)University of Zagreb, FER, Croatia

T13-301: Steady-State Characteristics of a Novel PFC Converter Operating in DCM
Kentaro Fukushima (1), Takeshi Uematsu (2), Junichi Yamamoto (2), Katsuhiko Shimizu (2), Tamotsu Ninomiya (1)
(1)Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan, (2)TDK Corporation, Ichikawa, Japan

T13-401: Innovative Capacitive Decoupling for a Universal Power Conditioner based on Two-Shunt-VSI Topology
Maria Stefania Carmeli, Francesco Castelli-Dezza, Gabrio Superti-Furga
Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Session P14: Education

T14-101: Power Electronics Course in Electrical Engineering Class at Teacher Training Faculty
Toru Higashi (1), Hiroshi Sakamoto (2)
(1)Kumamoto University, Japan, (2)Sojo University, Japan

T14-103: Application of Virtual Instrumentation LabVIEW for Power Electronic System Analysis
Pavol Spanik, Libor Hargas, Miroslav Hrianka, Ivan Kozehuba
University of Zilina, Slovakia

T14-201: Embedded System for Teaching and Learning the Basics
Octavian Dan Dobriceanu, Nicola Sorin
University of Craiova, Romania

T14-202: Electrical Machines Virtual Laboratory: Grid Connection of a Synchronous Generator
Claudia S. Martis, Horia C. Hedesiu, Lorand Szabo, Bogdan Tataranu, Florin Jurca, Claudiu Oprea
Technical University of Cluj, Romania

T14-203: Modular Approach to Training Hardware Design for Modular Teaching
Ilja Galkin, Juhan Laugis
Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

T14-206: Interactive Simulations of Power Electronics Converters
Jean-Jacques Huselstein, Philippe Enrici, Thierry Martire
Universite de Montpellier II, France

T14-207: A Versatile Inverter for Educational Purposes
Jean-Jacques Huselstein, Thierry Martire, Philippe Enrici
Universite de Montpellier II, France

T14-209: Computer-Aided Teaching of Power Electronics
Herbert Widlok, Michal Widlok
University of Science and Technology Cracow, Poland

T14-211: Use of Free/Open Source Software in e-Education
Martin Terbuc
University of Maribor, FERI, Slovenia

Session P15: Related Topics

T15-101: Design a Micro-Controller Electronic Ballast for Multiple High Press Sodium Lamps
Maojun Wang, Guisen Qi
Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautical Industry Management, China

T15-102: Development Micro-Controller-based Electronic Ballast for HPS Lamps with Dimming Control Function
Yong Zhao, Zhihui Sun
Harbin University of Commerce, China

T15-103: Reliability and Operation Diagnostics of Light Rail Electric Transport in Estonia
Argo Rosin, Tonu Lehtla, Taavi Moller
Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

T15-104: A Power Amplifier System for Testing of Distance Relay Operating Characteristic
Rui Marcal, Ricardo Rodrigues, Carlos Fortunato, Luis Sousa Martins, Vitor Fernao Pires
EST Setubal / IPS Setubal, Portugal

Session S1A: Automotive Electric Actuation Technologies I Organized by: I. Boldea

T16-101: Modern Automotive Power Systems: Advancements into the Future
Ali Emadi, Sheldon S. Williamson
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA

T16-102: Control and Stabilization of DC/DC Buck-Boost Converters Loaded by Constant Power Loads in Vehicular Systems using a Novel Digital Scheme
Alireza Khaligh, Sheldon S. Williamson, Ali Emadi
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA

T16-103: Comprehensive Experimental Analysis of the IPMSM for Automotive Applications
Dorin Iles-Klumpner (1), Ioan Serban (2), Milorad Risticevic (2), Ion Boldea (3)
(1)MACCON GmbH, Muenchen, Germany, (2)ebm-papst St. Georgen GmbH &Co. KG, Germany, (3)University Politehnica Timisoara, Romania

T16-104: Steering Chain HIL Simulator for Steer-by-Wire Systems
Carlo Bernard (1), Silverio Bolognani (1), Luca Peretti (2), Mauro Zigliotto (1)
(1)University of Padova, Dep. EE, Italy, (2)University of Padova, Dep. EM, Italy

Session S1B: Automotive Electric Actuation Technologies II Organized by: I. Boldea

T16-105: Traction Control for a PM Axial-Flux In-Wheel Motor
Vincenzo Delli Colli, Fabrizio Marignetti, Roberto Di Stefano, Giovanni Tomassi, Maurizio Scarano
University of Cassino, DAEIMI, Italy

T16-106: Electrical Torque Boosting of Down-Sized ICE Vehicles
Ben Taylor, Zhigang Sun, Jiabin Wang, David Howe
University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

T16-107: Switched Reluctance Turbo-Generator for Exhaust Gas Energy Recovery
Melanie Michon (1), Stuart D. Calverley (1), Richard E. Clark (1), David Howe (1), Mike McClelland (2), Paul Sykes (2)
(1)University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, (2)Switched Reluctance Drives Ltd., United Kingdom

T4-105: Avoiding Drawn Arcs between Sliding Contacts of Commutators
France Pavlovcic (1), Janez Nastran (2)
(1)Ministry for Environment and Spatial Planning, Slovenia, (2)University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Slovenia

T4-401: Pitching Stability Analysis and Control for Underwater Maglev Linear Motor Vehicle ME02
Kinjiro Yoshida, Mohamed El-Nemr, Yuki Yamashita
Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan

Session S2: Intelligent Power Electronic and Electrical Drives Organized by: M. Pucci

T16-202: Sensorless Control of Induction Motor Drives by New Linear Neural Techniques
Maurizio Cirrincione (1), Marcello Pucci (2), Giansalvo Cirrincione (3), Gerard-Andre Capolino (3)
(1)Universite de Technologie de Belfort-Montbeliard, France, (2)Institute on Intelligent Systems for the Automation, Italy, (3)University of Picardie-Jules Verne, France

T16-203: A Single-Phase Shunt Active Power Filter for Current Harmonic Compensation by Adaptive Neural Filtering
Maurizio Cirrincione (1), Marcello Pucci (2), Gianpaolo Vitale (2), Giuseppe Scordato (2)
(1)Universite de Technologie de Belfort-Montbeliard, France, (2)Institute on Intelligent Systems for the Automation Palermo, Italy

T16-204: Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Control of the Sensorless Induction Motor Dive System
Teresa Orlowska-Kowalska, Mateusz Dybkowski, Krzysztof Szabat
Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland

T5-513: Sensorless Control of IM in Mining Applications
Gregor Edelbaher (1), Branko Fosner (2), Joze Korelic (1), Evgen Urlep (1), Milan Curkovic (1), Miran Rodic (1)
(1)University of Maribor, FERI, Slovenia, (2)Premogovnik Velenje, Slovenia

Session S3A: Renewable Energy Sources I Organized by: M. Jovanovic

T16-302: A Comprehensive Overview on Reactive Power Compensation Technologies for Wind Power Applications
Ahmed Faheem Zobaa (1), Milutin Jovanovic (2)
(1)Cairo University, Egypt, (2)Northumbria University, United Kingdom

T16-303: DC Power Gyrator Versus DC Power Transformer for Impedance Matching of a PV Array
Angel Cid-Pastor (1), Luis Martinez-Salamero (2), Corinne Alonso (1), Guy Schweitz (3), Ramon Leyva (2)
(1)LAAS-CNRS Toulouse, France, (2)Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain, (3)EDF R&D Moret sur Loing, France

T16-304: The BDFM as a Generator in Wind Turbines
Richard McMahon (1), Xiaoyan Wang (1), Ehsan Abdi-Jalebi (1), Peter Tavner (2), Paul C. Roberts (3), Mariusz Jagiela (4)
(1)University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, (2)University of Durham, United Kingdom, (3)Scientific Generics Ltd. Cambridge, United Kingdom, (4)Politechnika Opolska, Poland

T16-305: Multilevel AC Current Source with Sliding-Mode Control for Renewable Energy Grid Systems
Hugo Valderrama-Blavi, Javier Maixe-Altes, Josep Maria Bosque-Moncusi, Luis Martinez-Salamero, Mauricio Munoz
Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain

T16-306: Power Coefficient Estimation in a Wind Conversion System
Krishna Busawon, Milutin Jovanovic, Lee Dodson
Northumbria University, United Kingdom

Session S3B: Renewable Energy Sources II Organized by: M. Jovanovic

T12-201: Overview of Anti-Islanding Algorithms for PV Systems. Part I: Passive Methods
Francesco De Mango (1), Marco Liserre (2), Antonio Dell Aquila (2), Alberto Pigazo (3)
(1)GRTN S.p.A, Roma, Italy, (2)Politecnico di Bari, Italy, (3)University of Cantabria, Spain

T12-202: Overview of Anti-Islanding Algorithms for PV Systems. Part: II Active Methods
Francesco De Mango (1), Marco Liserre (2), Antonio Dell Aquila (2)
(1)GRTN S.p.A, Roma, Italy, (2)Politecnico di Bari, Italy

T16-307: Effects of Voltage Dips on Doubly Fed Induction Generators and its Power Electronic Components
David Santos-Martin (1), Santiago Arnalte (2), Jose L. Rodriguez-Amenedo (2), Jose M. Tena (1)
(1)Iberdrola Distribucion Electrica, S.A. Madrid, Spain, (2)Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, Spain

T16-308: High-Efficiency Transformerless Single-Phase Photovoltaic Inverter
Roberto Gonzalez, Jesus Lopez, Pablo Sanchis, Eugenio Gubia, Alfredo Ursua, Luis Marroyo
Public University of Navarra, Spain

T16-309: Use of Doubly Fed Reluctance Machines In Wind Power Generation
Erich Muschka Schulz, Robert Eric Betz
University of Newcastle, Callaghan, Australia

Session S4: Modern Motor - Drive Simulation Techniques Organized by: K. Hameyer

T16-406: Field Simulation as an Aid to Machine Design: the State of the Art
Jan K. Sykulski
University of Southampton, United Kingdom

T16-405: Eddy Current Computation in 3-Dimensional Models for Electrical Machine Applications
Andrzej Demenko
Poznan University of Technilogy, Poland

T16-402: Numerical Analysis of Radial Active Magnetic Bearings
Bostjan Polajzer, Gorazd Stumberger, Drago Dolinar
University of Maribor, FERI, Slovenia

T16-401: Analysis of Cross-Saturation Effects in a Linear Synchronous Reluctance Motor Performed by Finite Elements Method and Measurements
Gorazd Stumberger, Bojan Stumberger, Drago Dolinar
University of Maribor, FERI, Slovenia

T16-403: Transient Field-Circuit Coupled Models of Electrical Actuators
Herbert De Gersem, Galina Benderskaya, Thomas Weiland
Technische Universitaet Darmstadt, Germany

T16-404: Coupled FEM-Control Simulation in the Analysis of Electrical Machines and Converters
Sami Kanerva, Jukka Kaukonen, Aron Szucs, Terttu Hautamaki
ABB Oy, Electrical Machines, Helsinki, Finland

Session S5: Sensorless Control of Permanent Magnet Organized by: M. Schroedl

T16-601: Sensorless Control of PM Synchronous Motors in the Whole Speed Range Including Standstill using a Combined INFORM/EMF Model
Manfred Schroedl, Matthias Hofer, Wolfgang Staffler
Vienna University of Technology, Austria

T16-602: Pseudo Sensorless Control of PMSM
Evgen Urlep, Janko Horvat, Karel Jezernik
University of Maribor, FERI, Slovenia

T16-604: Flux Deviation Sensorless Control of IPM Synchronous Motors
Alfio Consoli (1), Giuseppe Scarcella (1), Giacomo Scelba (1), Antonio Testa (2), Domenico Triolo (2)
(1)University of Catania, DIEES, Italy, (2)University of Messina, DFMTFA, Italy

T16-605: Encoderless Control of Industrial Servo Drives
Oscar Cabral Ferreira, Ralph Kennel
University of Wuppertal, Germany

Session S6: Future Requirements for Power MOSFETs in the Voltage Range up to 200V Organized by: M. Schlenk

T16-701: MOSFET Technology as a Key for High Power Density Converters
Lutz Goergens, Ralf Siemieniec, Juan Migel Martinez Sanchez
Infineon Technologies Austria, Austria

T16-702: Requirements for MOSFETs in Fuel Cell Power Conditioning Applications
Dieter Polenov, Heiko Mehlich, Josef Lutz
Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany

T16-703: On the Benefit of Synchronous Rectification to Boost up the Efficiency in Mobile Adapters
Gerald Deboy
Infineon Technologies AG,Villach, Austria

T16-704: Relevance of P-Channel MOSFETs in Current and Future Applications
Aranzazu Diaz-Valdivieso, Dirk Ahlers, Gerald Deboy
Infineon Technologies AG, Munich, Germany

T16-705: Design Aspects for Power MOSFET Components in Automotive Electronics
Andreas Lindemann, Stefan Foerster
Otto-von-Guericke-Universitaet Magdeburg, Germany

Session S7: Non Smooth Switched Dynamical Systems with Application to Electrical Engineering: Modeling, Analysis and Control Organized by: El Aroudi, B. Robert

T16-901: Bifurcation Behavior of a Three Cell DC-DC Buck Converter
Abdelali El Aroudi (1), Bruno Robert (2), Luis Martinez-Salamero (1)
(1)Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain, (2)Universite de Reims-Champagne-Ardenne, France

T16-902: Some Recent Results for Continuous Switched Linear Systems
Victoriano Carmona (1), Emilio Freire (2), Enrique Ponce (2), Francisco Torres (2), Javier Ros (2)
(1)University of Seville, Spain, (2)University of Seville, ETSI, Spain

T16-903: Three Dimensional Discrete Map for a Single Inductor Current Mode Controlled Dual Switching DC-DC Converter
Vanessa Moreno (1), Luis Benadero (1), Abdelali El Aroudi (2), Roberto Giral (2), Javier Calvente (2)
(1)Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain, (2)Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain

T16-904: The Chattering Analysis
Vadim Utkin, Hoon Lee
The Ohio State University, Dep. Mechanical Engineering, USA

Session S8: Outdoor Positioning During Motion Organized by: R. Cop

T16-1001: A Landing Radio Altimeter for Small Aircraft
Matjaz Vidmar
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Slovenia

T16-1002: The Galileo Signals with Emphasis on L1 OS
Kai Borre
Aalborg University, Danish GPS Center, Denmark

T16-1003: Design and Calibration of Three-Axial Inertial Motion Sensor
Roman Kamnik, Simon Stegel, Marko Munih
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Slovenia

T16-1004: Attaining Required Positioning Accuracy in Archeo-Geophysical Surveying by GPS
Franc Dimc (1), Branko Music (2), Radko Osredkar (3)
(1)University of Ljubljana, FPP, Slovenia, (2)University of Ljubljana, FF, Slovenia, (3)University of Ljubljana, FRI, Slovenia

T16-1005: Using Computer Vision and Dead Reckoning Technology to Monitor Transit Service Reliability
Dejan Paliska, Roman Starin
Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport, Slovenia

T16-1006: The Disturbances of the Solar-Geomagnetic Activity
Spopmenko J. Mihajlovic, Caslav Lazovic
Geomagnetic Observatory Grocka, Serbia and Montenegro

Session S10: Innovative Concepts of Generating Systems with Energy Management Organized by: E. Monmasson, B. Robyns

T12-105: Energy Storage and Management in Wind turbine Generator Systems
Chad Abbey, Geza Joos
McGill University, Montreal, Canada

T16-1201: Energy Performance and Stability of a Stirling Micro-Cogeneration System
Isabel Garcia Burrel (1), Sandrine Leballois (1), Eric Monmasson (1), Laurent Prevond (2)
(1)University of Cergy, Pontoise, France, (2)CNAM, Paris, France

T16-1202: Variable Speed Small Hydro Plant Connected to Power Grid or Isolated Loads
Aymeric Ansel, Laura Nasser, Benoit Robyns
L2EP/HEI, Lille, France

T16-1203: Laboratory Simulation of the Adjustable Speed Generation Systems
Zdzislaw Chlodnicki (1), Wlodzimierz Koczara (1), Nazar Al-Khayat (2)
(1)Warsaw University of Technology, Poland, (2)NEWAGE AVK SEG, Stamford, United Kingdom

T16-301: Efficiency Considerations and Measurements of a Hybrid Energy Storage System based on Compressed Air and Super Capacitors
Alfred Rufer, Sylvain Lemofouet
EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland

Session S11: Education in Power Electronics and Controlled Drives Organized by: H. Weiss

T14-204: Browser-based Software Tools for Power Converters
Janos Hamar (1), Hirohito Funato (2), Satoshi Ogasawara (2), Octavian Dranga (3)
(1)Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary, (2)Utsunomiya University, Dep. EEE, Japan, (3)James Cook University, Townsville, Australia

T14-210: MATLAB Web Server and M-File Application
Suzana Uran, Karel Jezernik
University of Maribor, FERI, Slovenia

T16-1301: "Train the Trainer"- Technology Assistance for High Schools
Winfried Egger (1), Oswald Droegser (2), Bernd Eichberger (3)
(1)Carinthian University of Applied Science, Villach, Austria, (2)University of Leoben, Austria, (3)Graz University of Technology, Austria

T16-1302: Electrical Engineering and Power Electronics Promotion for Secondary School Kids
Angelika Fussi
Landesschulrat fuer Steiermark, Graz, Austria

T16-1303: Educational Development Process for 36V DC Input Supply Used in Small Electric Vehicles
Xiaonan Li, Xiaodong Li, Yin Ying, Xin Tang, Helmut Weiss
University of Leoben, Institute of Electrical Engineering, Austria

Session S12: Advanced Education Methods and Tools in Power Electronics and Motion Control Organized by: V. Fedak, P. Bauer

T14-301: Distance Practical Education with DelftWebLab
Pavol Bauer (1), Juraj Dudak (2), Dusan Maga (2)
(1)Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, (2)Alexander Dubcek University of Trencin, Slovakia

T16-1401: Web-based Support of Courses in Industrial and Automotive Mechatronics
Viliam Fedak (1), Frantisek Durovsky (1), Jan Fetyko (2)
(1)Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia, (2)Siemens Kosice, Slovakia

T16-1402: Integration of Measurement and Simulation in Power Electronics Laboratory
Zeljko Jakopovic (1), Viktor Sunde (2), Fetah Kolonic (1)
(1)University of Zagreb, FER, Croatia, (2)University of Rijeka, Croatia

T16-1403: Methods in Teaching Modern AC Drives: Inverter-Fed Motor System with Internet-based Remote Control Panel
Emil Ernest, Rafal Sztylka, Bartlomiej Ufnalski, Wlodzimierz Koczara
Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Control and Industrial Electronics, Poland

T16-1404: Web based Teaching of Pulse Width Modulation Methods for Three-Phase Two-Level Converters
Marian P. Kazmierkowski, Rafal Bracha, Mariusz Malinowski
Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Control and Industrial Electronics, Poland

Session S17: Industrial Applications of VSC Converters Organized by: R. Bassett

T17-001: The Next Generation of Power Electronics in Transmission and Distribution Applications
Roger Bassett (1), Will Crookes (1), Adrian Lancaster (2), Georges Tchouangue (3), Nobuaki Yamano (4)
(1)AREVA T&D Technology Centre, United Kingdom, (2)AREVA T&D PES, United Kingdom, (3)Toshiba Power Semiconductors, Germany, (4)Toshiba Semiconductor, Japan

T17-002: Future T&D Technology
Colin Oates, Roger Bassett
AREVA T&D Technology Centre, United Kingdom

T17-003: Dynamic Damping and Power Electronics: To New Hybrid Filtering Concept
Guillaume de-Preville

T17-004: Development of a High Power RF Amplifier using Industrial Power Electronics
Jan S. Przybyla (1), Paul Bromley (2), Richard Bowness (3), Jon C. Clare (4), David Briscoe (5)
(1)E2V Technologies Ltd., Chelmsford, United Kingdom, (2)Converteam Lt, Kidsgrove, United Kingdom, (3)HiTek Power Lt, Littlehampton, United Kingdom, (4)Nottingham University, United Kingdom, (5)TBG Solutions, Chesterfield, United Kingdom


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